Top Web Design Company

We are proud to be called a top web design company with a strong team of UI/UX designers whose passion for slick and crisp interfaces. We promote intuitive and user-friendly designs in the mobile and web applications as we believe this is what makes your program attractive and usable.

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Custom Design Services

Off-the-shelf web solutions often have boring and scanty design with template layout. Custom web development enables designers to implement a completely unique and personalized look of the program. Our artists strive to reflect your business identity providing web-based applications and websites with the image of customer organizations, their logo, color schemes, fonts and other visual attributes. Design plays not only aesthetic function, but is responsible for the program usability. Web designers pay obsessive attention to the user experience being full of zeal to produce web products which are easy to understand, navigate, and deploy. Having top designers in our team, we often have projects with existing backend helping to create a renewed and modernized look.

  • Expertise in Design Tools

    We estimate each project and select the most appropriate technologies to realize it. UI/UX specialists take into consideration that your web program will evolve over time, so they craft scalable and flexible layouts from the beginning ensuring project success over the long run.

  • For prototyping and drawing, top web designers usually utilize such tools as Illustrator, Sketch, and Photoshop. They integrate rich and exciting animation with the help of Framer, Flinto, and Principle and hand the outcomes to developers via Zeplin.

  • When our first drafts are ready we share them with our clients presenting the screens layouts and their navigation flow via InVision or Marvel App. Responding on your reaction, we cater your requirements, but if there is some point where being a top design company we are sure that this way not another will work better to create your web solution, we will hold our ground. Our competence

What Defines Us as a Top Web Design Agency

Design is quite a subjective topic which depends on personal preferences and tastes. It is always hard to identify top web design company. Nevertheless, there are several qualities which proves our position on top of the web industry.

  • Design which Reaches Its Goals

    Top web design companies know that design is more than just attractive look, it is a tool. And this tool helps to reach the desired goal. With the help of visual elements you can emphasis the things that really matters. For instance, if you need to draw people’s attention, make them stay longer on the site, we can integrate smooth and eye-catching animation. While websites which provide working tools and shouldn't distract users from work will be designed with as less decorative elements as possible helping visitors to concentrate on the functionality. Thus, one of the criteria of the best web design is its ability to reach the goals. The work that achieves its targets is recognized for its effectiveness and quality with clients’ satisfaction and positive reviews.

  • Strive for Innovations

    Web industry is an ever-evolving industry. To stay on top, companies should keep up with its progress and continuous changing. The company that keeps its clients’ sites up to date with the emerging technologies, is the one which can be recognized as a top company. Regular updates, integration of innovative trends, realization of the cutting-edge ideas - this is what we strive for. The design team in our company has this zeal for learning new tendencies and tools that help to bring to life fresh and completely unique interfaces becoming a ground breakers in the sphere of UI layouts. One of the examples of the integration of new design trends in our development process is the work with responsiveness of the interfaces layouts. Layout’s compatibility with smartphones and desktops is essential to achieve the success with search engines. We have started at the forefront of this trend providing the customers with the best.

  • Success Track Records

    Our portfolio encompasses a wide range of delivered works. We can boast a broad expertise in a variety of industries as we have experience of work with an impressive number of small and big companies assisting them in achieving their business objectives. One of the indicative of the professional designers who can demonstrate their versatility and adaptation across different business sectors and industry domains. The best agencies can tailor the user experience so that it could accommodate the clients’ needs. We have several featured work in our portfolio, but if you contact us, we will be happy to show more proven records of successful projects and list of satisfied clients and their testimonials.

Broad Range of Services

Being professional web agency we do not strive to focus on design solely offering a full spectrum of services related to custom software development. Such approach to the development ensures the ability to cater clients’ needs without need to approach any other IT specialists. We provide end-to-end development from conceptualization and up to the launch taking care of every aspect including logo design and and brand image implementation. As a successful company with the reputation of top service provider we keep growing enlarging the expertise in different IT spheres with recruiting top-class specialists. This growth witnesses for company’s success and success of our clients. We can demonstrate the growth not only with the number of staff, but also with extension of clientele and portfolio.

Current Web Design Trends

Design companies need to deliver the need to be able to demonstrate their expertise when it comes to their speciality. Here we would love to introduce key aspects of interface development with the core things we pay attention to during the work.

  • Responsiveness

    The growth of the mobile Internet consumption has transformed top IT companies build for the Web. Having a mobile-friendly website is critical not only for the SEO ranging but also for the audience reach and ability to deliver user experience on both mobile and non-mobile devices. The tools designers use for creating responsive layouts work in a pretty the same way requiring to rebuild the same screen for particular sizes and resolutions. But apart from them, there started appear new tools with the concept of constraints which lessen designers’ time during the development for cross-device interfaces.

    SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)

    Traditional formats of images, such as JPG/JPEG, PNG, and GIF, are step by step replacing with SVGs due to their scalability which is perfect for responsive interface layouts. Unlike pixel-based formats, SVGs are made of vectors providing resolution-free images. Scalable vectors make pictures look great on any display with no need making it high-resolution, and they can also be animated. Furthermore, they do not send any HTTP requests what streamlines the page loading time.

  • Animation

    And as top designers in our company master more visual tools they introduce seamless and exciting animation. Building the animation, designers ensure it assists in the perception of the content message reinforcing it. They ensure that animations has a meaningful effect for users. Seamless and soft animation enables IT companies to get rid of the rigid division between page sections during the scrolling making it more interactive with the content appearing and disappearing smoothly during the scrolling on both mobile devices and desktop computers. It enriches minimalistic layouts adding the uniqueness to the page.

  • Priority of the Content

    The main purpose of the design is to put the right stress on the elements which really matters. Our company create layouts with the content in mind make sure site visitor or users of the application will easily catch the message. A proper arrangements of the layout elements provides a real competitive advantage. Top designers assist people in navigating the flow of the information with building an intuitive, appealing, and simply efficient way. We provide a more minimalist approach to ensure that users eyes will be fastened on the message you want to deliver. Design companies pay more attention to the personalization of the sites and stress of their content. We take into consideration not only what content you want to deliver but also to whom. It is essential to identify your target audience: the demographics, users behavior, their devices. Knowing the answers on these questions, you can personalize the content of the site and its display in the exact way which will be the most advantageous manner.

  • Typography

    As the content wins the leading place on the site, the significance of the title is stressed with the screen real estate. Title is the first thing that users see when they visit the site. To draw audience attention, top designers start with a single, short but yet all-encompassing statement. This statement includes the information about the product or service providing users with the understanding of the site or app purpose and what users can get there. Considering that today the world is overloaded with the information a summed up introductive title with white space can become a powerful readers attracting tool. Besides, the typefaces used in today’s sites has changed from neo-grotesque styles (Helvetica, Robot, Open Sans, and Lato) to contrast of serif and non-serif fonts. It is often seen, that texts are animated or presented with a variety of effects. Among fonts that gain popularity among designers are Geometric typefaces (Futura, Proxima Nova, Montserrat), Serif, and Monospaced which are usually contrasted to each other. Now typography also interacts with the background, images, videos and animation.

  • Complex Layout

    The tendency for minimalistic design doesn’t mean that structure of the site and apps should be also flat. As far as the web development tools keep evolving, IT companies can introduce more expressive layouts than ever. Today, open compositions take lead over the closed and static ones. The presence of somewhere off-screen elements make them feel like if they go further than the edge of the monitor. Asymmetric arrangements of the visual elements also provides a website a fresh and modern look. Design tends to unique layouts which enables top designers to create an innovative way to present the content, moving away from “boxy” arrangements of the page components and towards visually jarring techniques.