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Dedicated Developers with Boundless Opportunities

As the leading software development firm based in the USA, we focus on a specific variety of technology domains - SaaS development, digital protection, virtualization, cloud computing among others. We have gathered huge technical skills and knowledge base for that reason offering the clients an enormous competitive benefit while outsourcing IT initiatives to us.

  • Over our history, we've got organically grown including new tech domains to the group know-how but keeping the equal engineering, quality, and assignment control standards. We construct long-term relations with the clients and special care in delivery.

    Here, in the headquarters in the USA, we are proud of the professional programming capabilities in .Net development, Objective-C, C/C++, C#, and other languages. Our expert knowledge in IT sphere, particularly in the core development domains, has been recognized by the customers, users, and expert community.

  • Our key services

    Managed dedicated groups

    Acquire an experienced result-oriented engineering group working according to your business needs and priorities. Hire themanagement sources and rely on a distinguished engineering techniques.

    Software engineering

    Whether you need web development, Net, or C++ programming professionals in the USA, our developers can become a part of your team maintaining the same excessive company requirements to create the outstanding software.

    Quality assurance

    Strengthen your devoted engineering team with business analysts, tech writers, and certified QA professionals, working on-site with builders.

  • Our capabilities

    • Custom .Net development services
    • Web software improvement
    • Mobile development
    • Openstack solutions
    • MacOS software development
    • Objective-C/C/C++/C# programming
    • Specialised quality assurance

    The experience domains

    • Virtualization and cloud computing
    • SaaS platform development
    • Data control
    • Digital and company security
    • Remote access to and control
    • Information processing improvement
    • Mobile software safety testing
    • Mobile device and alertness control

Professional Development in C/C++

Our company in the USA rely on C-family languages with a focal point on software program development in C/C++. We work with system-level disbursed applications and drivers, wherein efficient networking and overall performance optimization are the point of interest.

  • The C++ developer groups encompass fantastically professional specialists with assignment experience in data management, OS monitoring and safety audit, network protection, and virtualization.

    We cautiously prepare the specialists through investing in their professional and technical improvement. Here in the USA, we have internal formalized code standards, and pointers and the team exercise regular code assessment and experience sharing.

    While specializing in software development in C/C++, the developers additionally use Objective-C and C# for related tasks.

  • C++ programming offerings for Windows and Linux

    Being a number one outsourcing C++ programming company in the USA, our agency possesses a vast code base and equipped technology set.

    We rely on the joined experience, so when hiring us as your developers you will substantially keep time and money through the benefit of the technology base, internal use and proprietary SDKs for:

    • Driver development
    • Record system control
    • System tracking
    • Database interaction
    • Community data management
  • C-family programming to work for your projects

    C software building

    Notably optimized C language is extraordinarily useful for developing embedded and low-level packages. It's also broadly utilized in a Linux environment.

    C++ coding

    C++ comprises a part of the core Microsoft products - Windows operating system to the contemporary Windows 8 and sizeable elements of Mac OS. This language gives efficient performance, reliability, and code transparency essential for quick and smart development. It is ideal for system-level Windows programs, and we use it as one of the main tools even in the kernel-mode drivers.

    C# programming

    C# allows taking advantages of .Net platform. We use this simple, modern-day language in particular for GUI development and allotted environment solutions.

    Coding Objective-C

    With regards to ios platform, we use goal-c, some other member of the c own family.

    Tools the specialists use:

    • IDE: Microsoft Visual Studio, Xcode, Eclipse, QT Creator
    • Compilers: Microsoft Visual C, Clang, GCC, JDK

Custom Mobile Applications

Based in the USA, our company provides superior app development services for the most complex mobile-related assignments, including information and device security, data control, MDM and MAM initiatives.

The app building group has in-depth expertise in all popular platforms and an assortment of gadgets. By outsourcing app development to, us you hire:

  • IOS professionals
  • Android specialists
  • Windows Phone and Garmin GPS experts
  • Advanced experience

    Our experts in the USA specialize in the advanced features of mobile structures, mobile information and app protection, data management and virtualization solutions.

    Here are several cases of the outsourcing mobile app development projects we completed:

    • Device cloning and backup
    • Mobile operation system virtualization and switching between virtualized instances
    • Data encryption
    • Secure cloud synchronization
    • Deleted information recovery
  • Mobile technologies to save project costs

    When choosing an outsourcing associate it's crucial to pick an IT company in the USA with relevant experience. Such tasks can require capabilities and know-how in special disciplines beginning with easy data store apps to OS virtualization or complicated records acquisition and management.

    The portfolio of our software building group consists of:

    • Mobile data format parsing
    • Statistics management based on drivers
    • Information protection
    • Cross-platform records exchange and interplay
    • Information synchronization
    • App performance optimization

    With network and corporate security being the main forte of our firm, we effectively and thoroughly help the clients in the USA and all around the world to meet development trends in mobile along with BYOD and BYOT.

  • Bespoke Web Solutions

    Our team presents complete web software programming services with the devoted groups prepared to implement your business solutions.

    Our project record consists of CRM, ERP reporting, administrative and other systems and services. With the usage of the trendy equipment, superior techniques and excellent practices we can turn your enterprise concept into the full-fledged implemented commercial product.

  • Project experience highlights

    We are involved in lots of projects developing a wide variety of web-based software, SaaS structures, and web programs. The developers have experience creating the following products:

    • CRM solutions
    • Business administrative and reporting systems
    • ERP solutions
    • HR management applications
    • Media delivery programs
    • Distributed security solutions with intensive information exchange
    • MDM solutions
    • Complex report generation subsystem for various BI and monitoring opportunities
    • Native integration with different databases, ODBC, ADO, ADO.NET,
    • SQL performance optimization
    • Different SaaS platforms with a kit of web services (SOA, SOAP)
    • Rapid GUI building for large enterprise solutions.

    The strong understanding in cloud systems, virtualization, and security permits us to build and configure secure and efficient web software.

Devoted team on your task

We hire well-versed developers with a wealth of practical experience in creating web-based software therefore permitting us to fast shape a group for any assignment.

  • Your team can be prolonged with the QA specialists who can carry out any kind of testing (including load, performance and stress testing).

    Our agency also provides the clients with business analysts for learning and formalizing corporate necessities, developing tech specs, as well as other technical documentation.

    All groups are controlled by experienced project managers serving the main point of contact. The PMs permit you to keep away from micromanagement, conserve assets, translate your priorities to the crew, put together and manipulate plans, reporting and communication with all stakeholders.

    The groups are extremely flexible and scalable. Their composition can be speedy modified as wanted and we maintain a team of professionals available both full and part-time, relying on your wishes.

  • Service on every stage

    The devoted developers are capable of covering all kinds of development tasks regardless of scope. We offer the full range of research and improvement services, such as:

    • Competitor research
    • Enterprise requirement formalization
    • Technical specification writing
    • Prototyping and programming
    • Quality assurance
    • Support and maintenance
    • Code evaluation and overall performance optimization
  • Equipment and technologies

    Using a robust outfit of the most popular frameworks and programming languages, the web software builders in the USA are capable of developing complex high-performance enterprise programs of any scope.

    The builders possess the broad experience in the usage of the following languages:

    • Javascript
    • Java
    • PHP
    • C/C#/C++
    • Python
    • Ruby

    We have the proven track record working with:

    • Javascript frameworks - Jquery, AngularJS, and others
    • Asp.Net MVC
    • CSS and Bootstrap
    • MS SQL, LINQ, ADO, ADO.Net, Entity framework
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Specialized Quality Assurance and Testing

Being one of the best software producing company in the USA, our firm presents complete software quality assurance and software testing outsourcing services. The QA professionals put together all documentation, strategic plans, particular test case sets, install the corresponding testing environment, and practice all kind of software checking out to provide the maximum intensity and coverage with regard to the priorities.

Except all sorts of software quality assurance, the experts also carry out mobile utility safety trying out.

  • Entrust quality assurance to the professionals

    Providing competitive rates, here in the USA our team offers fairly qualified, skilled, and accurate testing resources. The QA department is made up of the certified specialists who provide the clients with a world-class level of quality assurance services. Each QA group includes of test automation experts.

    The specialists use several defect monitoring structures, undertake your communication and reporting requirements if needed, adhere to impact analysis, and ensure ongoing conversation between the testers and developers.

  • Outsourcing testing

    The strategy of outsourcing the software building and checking is becoming more and more popular in the USA. And there are several considerable reasons for that:

    • Impartial software evaluation
    • No developer’s excuses like “it’s not a bug”
    • Completely managed unit generating actionable trying out consequences
    • Attainable and scalable software checking budget
    • Fully equipped trying labs, that is mainly crucial for mobile app testing

    Our professional are not simply software testers for hire. We provide part-time planning, reporting management and control of sources even for one-specialists projects.

  • From drivers to applications

    Each undertaking requires unique expertise together with techniques, strategies, and test cases to be advanced and accomplished properly.

    Program driver trying out could be very complex in weak localization while requiring diverse platform versions and settings to be examined.

    Distributed system testing requires specialist with superior platform and network administration abilities. A QA plan usually includes sizeable performance and load trying sections, a domain where automated testing is a must.

  • Mobile packages and PC-device interaction must be examined across a huge variety of gadget models along with localization, legacy variations, and producer line variations. In our offices, USA, there is a device trying out lab with the diversity of exclusive devices, consisting of both legacy and modern-day smartphones and tablets.

    Testing of virtualization-intended solutions calls for advanced expertise of cloud and digital platforms and scenarios together with a know-how of the potential to scale into complex virtual environments. Our team always has a “hot” virtual checking out lab, working not only with virtualization-sound solutions but additionally network control and distributed structures.