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Feb 24Missing DetentionJulie forgot she had detention so she was sent to the Headmaster for a punishment.

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" He kissed me soundly then pulled back. His weight shifted until he was sitting on my thighs, my legs pinned together beneath him and his cock between us.

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For several long seconds, he just held his fist up, apparently making sure my eyes were on it. Suddenly, he loosened his grip, and a narrow chain fell tinkling down with two tiny rubber-tipped clamps swinging back and forth over my chest.

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After the doctor gave me the news that I'd miscarried, I'd sat in my car for a good thirty minutes staring out at the parking lot but not paying attention to the people and other cars moving about. I'd wanted my mom more than anything at that moment.

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Paying me back. It's been a longtime coming, and I do think it was heartfelt.

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Desperate. My mind was still reeling that he was doing this to me-as delicious as it was-when he hopped up onto the couch into a kneeling position.

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Then we walked up to a long, one-story building next to the taller sanctuary, and he paused, turning to me. "I know it's not exactly what you wanted.

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I turned my head at the squeak of the lid's hinges. A deep moan echoed in my chest when he pulled out a rectangular, black box I kept in there amongst the variety of blankets.

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