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a mobile app for managing insurance

Working together with a leading provider of private insurance was outsourcing our services to build a mobile application that could help entrepreneurs from agriculture industry to manage their insurance via mobile applications. Our team developed a simple, flexible and fully tailored mobile app that helps growers to increase their revenue protection and protect themselves against shallow yields

a mobile app that enables sales representatives with permanent access to their clients’ data

A provider of technology products applied to our company with an idea to make a mobile solution for sales representatives to help them improve their client relationships. First of all, the application should have provided access to client data even out of the office, because salespeople’s activity is usually much more active and flexible unlike any other office workers’. We accomplished our task and developed an app that provides information to clients’ contacts, quotes, and orders. The address information and phone number were converted into hotlinks that access device’s phone and map features. We also helped to improve collaborative work of sale representatives enabling them to hand over their task to other coworkers if it is necessary.

a mobile app for choosing the right laptop battery and purchasing it

A reseller of high capacity laptop rechargeable cells and power adapters outsourced our services to make a mobile phone application that allows users to verify compatibility, check prices, and place orders. So users can easily browse all the possible laptop batteries by the device name, original manufacturer code or part number. All the products have crisp images attached to them. And intuitive user interface design provides smooth navigation throughout the app placing orders and checking the process status.

an educational and training app for golf lovers

One of our iOS educational projects was related to mobile coaching. Our client was a professional golf player and enthusiast. The app development should have helped him to instruct amateurs on swinging and other golf techniques. Our task was to make an app a personal assistant in the mobile phones. We developed an educational tool with video lessons, workouts, professional tips, and other useful materials. These materials are divided into Free and Premium content, as one of monetization strategies implemented in the project.We made simple but exceptionally functional mobile application for golf lovers willing to improve their skills.

a platform for remote simultaneous interpretation

One of our projects was connected with linguistics and simultaneous interpretation. In order to minimize interpreting services costs a conference organizer approached us to build a cloud-based platform that makes interpreting services more affordable and simpler. Now when the organizer holds a conference, all the foreign guests simply use their smartphones to listen what the speaker says. The app can work from any location and allows remotely participate in conferences and similar occasions.

a finance management application

A financial app provides users with the ability to effectively control and make expenses providing monitoring functionality. It helps users accounts in one places categorized by Credit Cards, Checking, Savings, Loans, Cash and Online Banking. Users can set up their budget letting the app automatically monitor their transactions and assign them to the proper category. It significantly simplifies repetitive operations automating schedule payment and can help its user to analyze his or her finance activity creating customized reports.