One of the Best Web Design Company in the USA

Multiple companies conduct their researches to identify the best web design company. Such information helps businesses to find a reliable IT partner. Our company has repeatedly gotten in the top of such lists winning the right to be called one of the best. And we are proud to be named the leading web design agency.

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How They Evaluate the Best Designers

Top researchers rank design agencies using elaborated methodologies based on the existing competitive advantages and merits. At the same time, any ranking list can not be considered for a long time, as web design has an extremely changing nature. First of all, researches are based on thorough analysis of company’s services and digital products they offer. Such analysis implies the systematization of such information company size, cost per hour, average cost of the project, fields of engagements, specialization, customers testimonials and feedback. Every survey company has its own evaluation process but is its basis it is always about mentioned above metrics. It is always about finding strong and weak areas, identifying company’s benchmark in the core services. A company capable of building native mobile application is not automatically assumed to be the best web design company.

  • Recognition

    The best company won’t be left behind unnoticed. Every IT industry domain has a variety of events, conferences and competitions letting professionals to demonstrate their expertise and get rewarded with industry awards, acknowledged accomplishments, and achievements. Keeping up with the technology news and trends, getting in touch with conference organizers and company’s clients, ranking organizations remain aware of top performing web agencies and software vendors. Our team always demonstrate impressing results regularly participating and simply visiting conferences, workshops, master classes. What is one of the reason that makes research organizations to include our company in the list of the best web design service providers.

  • Activity

    Leaders won’t miss a chance to prove their competence. Activity in the market and within the industry itself also indicates advanced developers and designers. It is important to keep participating in the conferences, posting in the blog, and taking a role in the growth of expansion of the web design industry. These actions witness that company keeps up with the time, staying up to date with the emerging trends and innovations, and enlarge its proficiency. Vendor’s activity in the particular niche is responsible for the establishment of their brand and the name of the ground breaker. Our company can boast active social position, we regularly publish posts blogs covering the news and always happy to the opportunity to visit some geek events.

  • Warning Factors

    Starting the web design projects, businesses should take into account the risks. That is why survey companies always consider warning factors to make sure that they recommend the trustworthy vendors. Such warning factors may include decrease of advertising expenditure, stop of the company growth, decrease of acquiring new customers. Today, our team can boast regular projects delivery and continuous growth. Recently we have moved to a bigger office and now attract new IT specialists. At the same time we actively promote our services in Europe and Australia enlarging our customer reach. All these things proves our growth and prosperity what means that collaboration with our team will certainly help you to succeed.

Where Website Design Tends To

One of the most obvious design tendencies that gain popularity in 2017 is a minimalistic approach to the design.

  • Ultra-minimalism assists businesses in emphasizing the content and the message the company wants to convey to the audience. Many designers tend to display absolute bare necessities helping users to navigate the site and perceive the information in a quick manner. The layout of the modern sites has a more complex structure than ever.

  • Compensating the lack of visual elements, unusual grids, new shapes and patterns keep popping up on the websites being ruled by flat and material design. So, for example, modular design grows in popularity keeping visitors engaged with it interactive elements that respond to every user action with a hover effect.

  • Usual horizontal text alignment also give a place to vertically placed content adding fresh dimension. The fonts are getting more expressive with gravitation to serif bold type instead of one-time hot neo-grotesque. Text and images itself learned to interact with each other in a new way. Thus, you can often see text overlapping the images with a colorful underline of the titles.

Other Trends in Web Design

We have mentioned basic changes in today’s design, but will be happy to provide you with more details concerning web design tendencies and emerging innovations that influence the way we build the Web today. Our designers follow the most reputable design blogs and magazines and don’t miss a chance to leverage new feature, whether it is some animation trick or new layout pattern.

AI-Powered Bots and Live Chats

Communication is essential for any design. Talking about bots and chats, visually they hardly have any big impact on the interface design, but they transform user experience and also demonstrate designers attitude toward the creation of the websites. AI-powered bots have become real trend in 2017 getting more realistic. They are complex enough to help businesses to automate their sales and overall communication with clients. Connecting with the clients via messaging apps, such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or WeChat, businesses can customize customer support. But even if it is not about bot, you can always integrate Live Chat on corporate website, as conversational interfaces helps businesses better interact with the clientele and reach a higher level of personalization.


The hottest web design trend which have already become a common practice is a delivery of mobile-friendly solutions for the Web. With about 65% of the mobile Internet consumption this tendency is quite easy to explain. It helps to embrace your target audience across all the devices people may use. Responsive design adjust to different display sizes making your website and apps accessible on all of them. The best web design companies put site responsiveness in the top of their priorities list.

Forms Integration

Forms help to estimate the quality of the website conversation. They demonstrate how many visitors are actually interested in company services and ready for talk. Besides, they are a sort of hook that grasp your customers letting them to leave a request with a few clicks. Forms are useful for a range of purposes from collecting clients’ feedback up to filling in booking information, signing for a subscription. and so on. Forms are used more and more often in web design practices. The best web design companies strive to present them as intuitive and user-friendly as possible integrating an interactive element in the website structure. Forms also assist businesses in collecting customers’ data and streamline the communication process saving staff time.

  • Robust web app functionality

    Simple company website are no longer in favour of internet consumers. The web actively provides users with progressive and sophisticated web-based applications that unites the best features of mobile apps and websites. Like website they are accessible via the Internet browser, but their functionality is more robust and can be compared with the desktop or mobile software solutions. They offer users not only aesthetic look and engaging interactions but also have practical usefulness delivered via the ability to perform some task and generate a user-personalized content. They may have analytical functionality collecting data and forming statistics, or provide ticketing functionality, word processing features, or anything else. The rapid-paced development of technologies and growth of empowering APIs ensures the web apps boom in this year.

  • Authentic Brand-Themed Illustrations

    Stock images and template illustrations don’t create among users a sense of credibility, on the contrary, posed and cheesy pictures cause doubts and distrust towards your company and its services. The best way out is to utilize bespoke illustrations that fit and elevate the tone of a brand and communicate your business identity. Such approach is gaining popularity among design companies who have noticed these consistent patterns. Demonstrating of your business personality is a powerful communication technique. Right illustration can boost your brand awareness and recognition and make your web solution more interactive and funny. Our designers can help you to create a visual brand and implement it into your online presences in the best way possible. Illustrations are going to play a significant role this year, so you should better to get prepared.

  • Microinteractions and Animation

    Pay attention to microinteractions on your web solution. The smallest details distinguish the best websites from just good ones. Such things like post liking, quotes pinning, retweeting are the best examples of thought over microinteractions and smooth animation. The right microinteraction should feel like something natural creating a habit loops. The best designers make sure that all users interactions with the user interface are accompanied with a seamless animation and the smallest action within the web page has unobtrusive representation that inform users of the processing. Microinteractions can become a powerful UI elements which create intuitive experience.

  • Pre-Built Websites

    Software is getting smarter step by step replacing human labour. Sounds like fantastic movie? But let’s face the reality, there exist dozens of platforms that enable users with no coding skills to build elegant web presence. Of course, the outcomes of work with such platform are far from what a professional web design company can deliver. But if you need simple brochure corporate website, you can try out pre-built websites. Such websites have significantly improved within the last year. Their user experience became less buggy,while functionality available for incorporation became more varied. It will help you to save the development time and eliminate the coding hassel. Other example of usage of the pre-built layouts but with higher level of customization is the usage of the WordPress themes.