We Support Companies with Professional Mobile Phone App Development

Mobile applications are a high-growth industry and there is lots of opportunity for companies looking towards the future to break into new markets with a fully tailored smartphone app. Billions of people worldwide use smartphones every day for entertaining themselves, keeping in touch and conducting Business.

Revenue in the associated marketplaces for iOS, Android and other mobile operating systems exceeds 50 billion USD annually, and applications are diverse in their size, complexity and use. Whichever strengths of your company you want to build upon or whatever obstacles you and your business need to overcome, a well-designed mobile app can help you reach those goals.

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Experience Makes a Difference

A solid background in an industry is an important factor in any field. Mobile technology continues to develop at breakneck speed and keeping track of the latest news and advantages of using these devices consumes a lot of time and energy. A number of development agencies have arisen to meet the demand, and the rivalry between operating systems and their supporters endures. Fortunately for our clients, our mobile phone app development team can proudly claim years of experience working across platforms and industries that have given us the expertise and knowledge to produce first-rate applications that deliver first-rate results for our clients.
  • Veteran Experts in a Young Industry

    IT is a young sector with many professionals reaching prominence at a young age. Many of our developers began their training to become the industry leaders they are today at a very young age, and they all have extensive portfolios showcasing the skills that make them so exceptional. Our company was started in 2010 by ambitious young developers looking to leverage those skills and years of experience in technology and by professionals from the business world who saw the potential of IT and the many applications it has for changing the face of modern commerce. There merger formed a passionate, talented team who bring their backgrounds in the ways both companies and technological systems work together to boost businesses with mobile technology.
  • Driven by Teamwork

    Teams are vital to what our company does. We have teams who collaborate on each project, bringing their own specialization to every application they create. Our clients become a part of that team on their projects. The developers take feedback and use it to continue to improve their applications until they are completely satisfied with the results.
  • Solutions for the Challenges Businesses Face

    Our unique team make-up of tech-savvy developers and business-savvy professionals helps us to build mobile applications that focus on functionality that changes the way companies work. Our solutions are not intended as replacements of what makes companies succeed, but an addition to the professional toolkit that bolsters existing strengths. Each of our applications is designed for maximum versatility with user-friendly design and intuitive navigation so that your end users, customers, employees or both are able to remove all obstacles that prevent them from dealing with any task at hand and allow them to complete it with maximum effect and minimum effort.
  • No IT Degree Required for Collaboration

    Modern development tools often make the work behind developing mobile phone applications seem simple. Graphical user interfaces with drag and drop programming have certainly opened the door to many individuals wishing to try their hand. But much like paint by numbers, reaching the level that turns heads usually remains out of reach. Each moment of the day there are new applications released, and while some of them do succeed, the vast majority of them are lost in the sea of competitors and look-alikes. A professional team of seasoned development professionals know how to stand out from that crowd. Our developers rely on sleek design and cutting-edge functionality to achieve peak performance from mobile devices and to capture the attention of their users. While clients may not conduct the coding of an application, they still play a pivotal role in its ultimate success. Tailored mobile apps are designed to address specific issues from each client’s industry and their company, and in these realms noone has better insight than the client themselves. Throughout development client input turns the wheel so that we can build the technological structure that supports their winning idea.

Adding Power and Performance

“Instant” applications are excellent training grounds to understand and sample what really goes into creating basic applications. However, the powerful, high-performance functionality and well crafted design that sets the best mobile applications apart requires a more comprehensive approach at the foundational level and a dive into details that are not typically apparent to newer developers.The other side of performance that a professional team adds to any project is their ability to understand and predict the financial success and reception of an application once it gets released to the public on their smartphone devices. Every developer has great ideas that they would like to see, but for businesses the greatness of any idea must be measured on the types of returns it yields, either in revenue, greater productivity, pursuit of new customers, or other metrics that companies use to balance the pros and cons of a business decision. As advanced as technology is becoming, it is still a far way off from being able to measure and advise on these matters the way human experts from business and technology can.
  • Our Process

    Everything begins with ideas. The more you have and the more concrete they are, the easier it becomes for us to mold applications that fit around them. Our team are ready to share their experience at the outset to determine which ideas are viable for places like the App Store and Google Play, and our iOS and Android experts work closely with you to set clear, achievable objectives at the beginning of each project that we can turn to as our developer’s roadmap.Once initial brainstorming has been completed and contracts have been signed, the development and design team get to work. From this point forward, the burden of all legwork lies upon us as our developers plan, design, code, test and communicate our ideas and progress to you at each step. We value our reputation, which rests on continued customer satisfaction, so if you see something you want changed at any point in the process, let us know so that our mobile specialists build the application that you want to see.
  • Bespoke Solutions

    Bespoke software and applications are completely tailored to the needs of the companies that commission them. Instead of an out-of-the-box/one-size-fits-all product that has offers no substantive difference from the products of competitors who are also using, we create top-notch custom applications on mobile platforms that will reflect the unique identity and strengths of your company.
  • Optimizing and Integrating Existing Software

    It’s the 21st century, and your business likely already has some level of technology that plays an important role in the work you do, ranging from email servers and CRMs to massive databases and online catalogues. Whatever existing technology you and your employees rely on, we can work to update and optimize it to achieve better performance than ever before, making it a flawless, powerful solution and a great investment in your business, cutting costs in the long-term and strengthening your business.With our premier services, you can also take any existing technology on phones, desktops and other devices and incorporate it into anything new you develop, so that your mobile application helps you and your employees to smoothly transition into a new reality with a better set of digital instruments. A good example is taking a current online catalogue system and running that information through an application to power features and give users more dynamic access to you and your company. Competing against millions of other applications for the attention of users, adding proven processes that you and your staff are already familiar with can give you the competitive edge to position yourself as dependable and efficient.

Taking Mobile App Stores by Storm

Apple treats its marketplace similar to a VIP club, only granting access to those apps that follow its guidelines and adhere to its high standards. The result is a smaller number of competing applications in many categories, but each meets a minimum level of quality that keeps it as a competitor. Passing this initial threshold is not an issue for our developers, who have been doing it for years and know exactly what needs to be done. But getting in is only the beginning - the first few hours and days are critical to establishing any app as something special. Our team knows the ins and outs of the iOS App Store, Android’s Google Play, Windows Store and other application markets. We study user behavior, ratings systems, current trends and a wealth of other information so that our development and design company always delivers mobile applications that outperform the competition and rise to the tops of the charts. Higher ranking promotes visibility, which promotes your business, so work with us to build a strategy, marketing campaign, press kit and anything else you might need for maximum impact. Our consulting services are available to anyone wishing to enter these markets, regardless of what role our staff play in development, so if you are interested in what the experts have to say, get in touch with us today.

The Price of Success

Offering a price without knowing the specifics of any completely tailored product is impossible. The variety of functionality, the wide array of design, complexity and size and all the other customizable aspects of a project can all have a significant impact on what the final bill will look like. As a general rule, the average cost of mobile phone app development is between $40,000 to $60,000 at our company, which is far lower than many other premier development companies, who can charge three or four times as much.Whatever your budget might be, we promise far and flexible pricing on the right project for you. Our pledge is to deliver the highest-quality mobile phone application possible, on schedule and on budget so that you can see the greatest return on your investment. If you are interested in getting a more exact quote and in exploring the different services available, our expert team will be happy to help.

Call or Write Today!

The first step on a path to the type of guaranteed results you want to see and your business rising to the top of your industry is just a short phone call or message away. Our staffed are experienced in developing the mobile solutions for smart devices that get businesses moving, improve the ways they work internally and how they interact with customers. Call or write us today and our team can offer a free consultation to outline the many opportunities available to you. All you need is an idea and the will to succeed, so don’t delay!